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100 Days of Purpose: Join Later


SOLD OUT: This is a past cohort of a 100-day series of group workshops from start to finish. But, you can still join the next cohort.

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100 Days of Purpose for the Not-So-Late Bloomers

For those who want to join in after March 21, 2021.

Worksheet/Theme emailed every Sunday/Monday

Each worksheet has thought provoking questions to ponder and answer during the week, set some intentions, and some suggested concepts to apply in your life.

Friday Workshop

to debrief the week and reflect on our process.

Structure of the Workshop

– 10 minutes of check in (with two minutes of mindfulness/breathing/grounding)

– 15 minutes of accountability:

––– Recap your intention for the week and reflect how it went

––– time to talk about wins and roadblocks

– 25 minutes of workshop on a topic

––– 10 minutes introducing topic

––– 15 minutes of discussion on the topic and how to implement

Also Included

– An online, private mastermind that’s a closed community to ask for help or collaboration – on Discord

– Resources, tools, mental models, recommendations

– Support in maintaining your consistent commitment to your own purpose and meaning for the 100 days

– No judgement