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One Day at a Time, 100 Times


This level of isolation is hard (even for introverts) and the mental health effects are real. We’ll take a proactive approach by connecting intentionally and building a purposeful community online.


Since linear time appears to be broken while our whole lives take place in front of a screen, let’s carve out our own perception of time. Define the anchor for 100 days and build accountability together.


It’s hard to focus on building something for the future amidst all this extreme uncertainty. Join weekly group calls to discuss resilience and share intentional support.

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You got the memo: we’re all in survival mode

No matter what channel you watch or article you read, experts all around the world are talking about how our mental health has suffered as the pandemic has uprooted our lives.

But, no one mentions viable solutions so we can mitigate the worst of what’s happening.

That’s why Dr. Alison Macintyre created and leads a solution called 100 Days of Purpose – The experience and science-based structure and support you need from a community of growth-oriented people looking to regain a sense of freedom in their lives as the pandemic unwinds.

Dr. Alison Macintyre

Dr. Alison Macintyre

100 Days, 100 Gentle Nudges in a Brighter Direction

I’m Alison Macintyre. I’m certified in trauma-informed and solutions-focused coaching. I also hold a PhD in behavioural economics and certification in applied neuroscience and brain health.

We’re living in extremely challenging times that are testing the limits of our physical, emotional and mental health as well as our well being.

Through my academic research and personal experience with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD), I have learned how to work past trauma to find a deeper sense of self, purpose, and happiness.

I realised so many are going through a similar experience with the global pandemic so I knew I wanted to pitch in however I could.

That’s why I created 100 Days of Purpose: to help people like you gracefully navigate these trying times with resilience.

In 100 days of workshops with a gentle approach as well as with a non-judgemental, supportive community, I’ll help you gain a sense of self-awareness that connects you with your future, post-pandemic self. You’ll discover what you hope to see for yourself and uncover a purpose to help you focus, stay motivated, and guide you through the pandemic now.

You’ll develop a greater sense of self and accomplishment as well as an inner calm that comes from connecting to purpose and meaning.

If you’re ready to create a new story for your life with a community of like-minded people, I invite you to come along on this journey with me.

With warm wishes,

Ali 💓

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  Together, we’ll emerge from the darkness of a COVID winter into the renewal of spring, or for our friends in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s a shift from a difficult summer to the fresh days of autumn .  

~ Dr. Alison Macintyre

Here’s Why It’s Been So Difficult for Us All


Connection with others is a massively protective factor against developing mental health problems after trauma.

If the pandemic were a war or a natural disaster, we would rebuild after the short-term destruction and we’d do it in person. We’d pitch in, hug and cry together, we could sing and cook meals and be in physical proximity for nervous system attunement, regulation and healing.

Due to the nature of this virus, we need to keep our distance for long periods of time, and the best thing we can do is isolate from each other physically.

Just because we aren’t in person doesn’t mean we can’t be connected.

A huge amount of emotional connection is made through voice, and even if we’re all tired of Zoom, there are ways we can use it for our benefit.

There are even particularly effective opportunities for making close connections at physical distance: we all have more time than we used to for these deeper conversations, and we have the opportunity and time to meet interesting people from all over the world – because they’re all online as well.

We also live in so much uncertainty that we can’t make future plans. Humans need to be able to use forward planning in order to conceive of a future for themselves. It’s called prospection, and it’s a core adaptive function of the mind.

So, it’s very hard to be in this situation where we don’t have access to the kind of certainty and predictability that would let us make those plans. 

It means we have to live day-to-day. Living this way feels like being in survival mode.

Maybe you can relate: I have been so angry at various times in 2020 because I didn’t want to live in survival mode again. I’ve done that. I thought I’d done the work of PTSD recovery, and in my mind at least, that meant I’d done the hard part of life. I wasn’t eager to sign up for that again. But, here we all are living in survival mode.

Fortunately, since I’ve lived through it once, I can do it again and I can help you do the same.

Our brains like predictability – they like to make patterns and we make our repeated behaviours into unconscious patterns (heuristics) to conserve analytic energy.

Over the course of our lives, we develop and adopt rules of thumb – thinking shortcuts – so when we see a situation that looks close enough, we can apply that rule without having to think through every scenario from start to finish. We build up entire worlds full of these rules of thumb, living by established patterns and norms to help us live a life of relative structure and security through predictability.

Then the pandemic took a sledgehammer to it all.

Our brains have been working overtime: detecting new situations that require new rules of thumb – and our brains encode this novelty as potential danger until it figures out a new path.

Before, we could rely on the context to do a lot of the priming for us, giving us cues about what to do and how to behave. Now we need self-awareness and self-agency to manage ourselves and our time, to figure out what’s important to us and what we want to spend our time on.

The problem is that the context is so new to us that it has taken quite a while to grasp how we need to behave. To make matters worse, even our experts haven’t had sufficient information to give us real security about what’s safe; so we are anxious, feeling uncertain and unstable.

It’s exhausting. But, it’s also a huge opportunity for self-reflection and self-awareness.

We’ve always had the need for self awareness, but routines and cultural structure meant we didn’t have to think about it and a lot of uncertainty could be ignored by following unconscious patterns.

What we need now is the ability to connect with a community.

It’s bidirectional – you need to have a sense of community in order to be able to feel that sense of safety. Otherwise, you’re just an individual person trying to generate a sense of collective safety on your own.

But, if you understand that this is important, then you can take a more proactive approach to ensuring you have that community around you.

So, rather than saying, “I feel terrible, this is terrible, everything is terrible, and there’s nothing that can be done about it,” we need to feel a sense of agency, at least over our own emotional regulation.

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100 Days, 100 Chances to Create a New Story

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Obviously, nothing is going to replace meeting in person. But, we can do better than we are currently doing. 

And we can do pretty well. I know this from five years of building a truly human, connected and happy work culture online.

There’s no mystery about why this is happening. The mystery to me is why we aren’t doing more about it so we have better stories to tell.

100 Days of Purpose will help you create a new story for yourself during the pandemic. 

You’ll also have a better story to tell to your kids, nieces, nephews, grandkids, friends and future generations about the pandemic than “I repeatedly binge-watched The Office and How I Met Your Mother” (But, no judgement if that’s your story and you’re happy with that – it has been a long pandemic).

100 Days Full of Purpose and Inspiration

If you’re ready to connect to your future, post-pandemic self to:

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  • Learn how you can shift your focus from surviving the day to thriving
  • Live with connection and a purpose that leads you through the pandemic
  • Discover meaning and purpose in your daily to-do list
  • Build hope, strength and resilience for what comes next
  • Commit to 100 days of guided workshops, discussions and practical solutions
  • Build a sense of connection to your post-pandemic self
  • Create a sense of connection to the future even when we don’t know what the future will look like
  • Choose optimism, finding solace and joy in the small things
  • Take something valuable and meaningful with you out of this pandemic

Then you’re ready to join our supportive and structured community, 100 Days of Purpose

When You Need More…

This isn’t therapy – nor is it a substitute for it – so if you’re in crisis, contact emergency services in your area.

For mental health support, call the appropriate service in your area.

If you’d benefit from more personalised coaching and support, either on top of the 100 Days Of Purpose or instead of, there are a limited number of openings available for one-on-one coaching clients.


Like These Lovelies, You’re Not Alone


“Ali is a phenomenal coach that is likely exactly what you need.

There were some days I came with an action plan and other days that I had no clue and she skillfully guided me through to learn something new about the direction I wanted to go every time.

She has a positive and inspiring outlook that still keeps you grounded. I’m so glad I took the opportunity to try this out.”

~ Kris P., Oregon

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“I knew that I needed more direction and purpose in my life, but I wasn’t sure how to get there or even how to get started. Upon hearing that Ali would be offering coaching, I signed on as quickly as possible.

I don’t think I was prepared for how inspirational Ali would be. She excels at helping you figure out what you need, like a wizard!

After several sessions with Ali, I felt more confident and better equipped to handle personal, professional, and family issues. It is truly amazing how strong and capable she made me feel in just a couple of months!

~ Jill C., Washington

Ready to Join the Adventure?

This adventure is all about learning how to step beyond coping through a global tragedy so you can step into a calmer sense of self – an evolved awareness of yourself.

One where you feel renewed with tools, mindsets and strategies to help you grow and blossom into yourself instead of feeling crushed by the weight of the earth.

It’s not about being perfect or even aiming for that. It’s about getting the support and tools you need to achieve your own sense of accomplishment and evolution, without judgement.

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