We’re living in a complicated time. Let’s not do it alone.


Join a proven, science-backed, supportive, and structured community of like-minded people for 100 days of finding joy and purpose beyond the day-to-day stresses during this historic and challenging period.

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One Day at a Time, 100 Times


This level of isolation is hard (even for introverts) and the mental health effects are real. We’ll take a proactive approach by connecting intentionally and building a purposeful community online.


Since linear time appears to be broken while our whole lives take place in front of a screen, let’s carve out our own perception of time. Define the anchor for 100 days and build accountability together.


It’s hard to focus on building something for the future amidst all this extreme uncertainty. Join weekly group calls to discuss resilience and share intentional support.

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You got the memo: it’s been a wild couple of years and there’s still a long way to go before we’re through the other side of this uncertain time.

If it feels like it’s been really hard, it’s because it has been. What we need now is a sense of purpose, community, compassion and creativity – anchors that help centre ourselves, and find peace of mind.

That’s why Dr. Alison Macintyre created 100 Days Of Purpose. It’s the proven, science-based structure and support you need from a community of growth-oriented people. It’s open to those looking to regain a sense of freedom and centredness in their lives as the pandemic continues and we move into what comes next.

Dr. Alison Macintyre

Dr. Alison Macintyre

100 Days, 100 Gentle Nudges in a Brighter Direction

Hi 👋 I’m Ali.

The last 20+ months have been a wild time for each of us and for the world in general. By most measures, things are getting better – we now have vaccines that decrease the health risks and virus transmission.

But, we’re still living in extremely challenging times that are testing the limits of our physical, emotional, and mental health as well as our personal strengths and well being.

So many people are confused and struggling in this global pandemic and some of us are experiencing this time as a trauma.

Through my academic research, formal training, and personal experience with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD), I’ve learned how to work through such adversity to find a deeper sense of self, purpose and happiness.

I know the best strategy in difficult times is to be in a community and connect with other people.

That’s why I created 100 Days Of Purpose: to help us all gracefully navigate these trying times with resilience and to come through it together.

If you’re ready to create a new story for your life with a community of like-minded people, I invite you to come along on this journey with me.

With warm wishes,

Ali 💓

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 If we have our own ‘why’ of life we shall get along with almost any ‘how’. 


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Finding Connection to Yourself and Others

  To yourself – your values and your purpose

  To others – the power (and solace) of sharing this challenging time with others

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Finding Your Anchors

  • Within yourself – and to all the future versions of yourself
  • Within your community – and within the group we will co-create during these 100 Days
  • In the structure of 100 Days Of Purpose – and the power of having a guide with a blend of compassion and science

Finding Your Calm Centre

  • Where you can be mindful
  • Where you can authentically self reflect on important topics
  • The power of connection, an anchor and finding your calm centre.
  • Moving forward with increased hope, self awareness, understanding and peace of mind. And a new group of friends to share this with.


What You Can Expect

The first cohort gathered from March-June 2021, from all over the world. Our participants stretched all the way from Australia, from coast to coast in Canada and the US, and the UK.

It was a privilege to offer the container for these groups and an honour to witness how all the participants co-created this supportive space with their vulnerability, generosity, self reflection, and curiosity.

In designing the structure for the workshops, I pre-selected half of the topics because they are fundamental to grounding, regulation, and finding calm.

The other half of the topics were chosen democratically by the group from a list. That means the topics in this next cohort might be slightly different, based on the choices of the groups this winter.

As a general guide, here’s a list of the topics we covered in the first cohort:

  • Gratitude
  • Finding time for ourselves
  • Finding focus and flow
  • Values
  • Writing the narrative of our life
  • Self-compassion
  • Boosting creativity
  • Neuroscience of love and fear
  • Finding time for joy and play
  • Environmental crisis and our place in the world
  • Checking back in with purpose
  • Navigating identity transformations in times of change


What We’ll Cover

Here’s a breakdown of what we’ll discuss and explore each week:

Week 1

Introductions to each other and how the 100 days will work.

Week 2


This isn’t toxic positivity – it’s one of the most fundamental approaches to maintaining equilibrium when everything is really, really, really hard. It’s super powerful for retraining your brain and calming your nervous system.

Week 3

Taking time for yourself

Many of us want to take more time for ourselves, but don’t know how to connect with and prioritise the things that are really meaningful. This week requires us to answer some big questions about what we want, what brings us joy and what’s important to us long-term.

Week 4


One key component in connecting to a purpose or something “real and particular” beyond our day-to-day life is choosing to live according to our values. We might not always be able to choose what happens to us, but we can choose to respond or act in line with our values.

Week 5

Finding focus

How to find focus during a crisis (well, during this one at the very least). From what I hear, this is something we can all relate to in our current stressful times. As a hint: step 1 is to stop doomscrolling.

Week 6

This week’s topic: just the entire planet, nbd

This week, we get a super, really, big picture by looking at the planet and our place in it. We are finally developing a mainstream awareness of how our survival depends on our natural systems, and how our actions, choices, and mindset affects the planet at large.

Week 7

Developing your own narrative to be the author of your own life story

Stories are truly central to the human experience, and always have been. The story we tell ourselves about ourselves is the most powerful story of all and it informs the story we tell ourselves (and others) about our future.

Week 8

Boosting creativity

More creativity can mean you are more effective, which can mean more progress on your purpose. In my opinion, it’s about finding the right settings or contexts, both in our brains and in our environment. In my experience, these settings can be learned, developed, practiced and deliberately primed.

Week 9

Self-compassion and kindness

The idea of having compassion and kindness for ourselves can sometimes be quite tough, particularly if our internal critic is more accustomed to “motivating” us via punishment. But, we need self-compassion right now, perhaps more than ever.

Week 10

The neuroscience of love and fear

In practical terms, one of the most important benefits I’ve found in understanding this topic and the actions of the Autonomic Nervous System is that it really gives me clarity on the practical reasons for attending to self care, and attuning to my own physiological reactions.

Once you know what is happening and why, there is a greater sense of agency and mastery. Knowledge is power.

Week 11

Making space for joy and play in our lives

This is a great followup to the previous week’s topic because experiencing joy and engaging in play has a bidirectional relationship with regulating our nervous systems.

Week 12

Reflecting on purpose, meaning and anchors

We explore the concept of creating a personal statement of purpose. Having a purpose and sense of meaning is very grounding and can be a touchstone, or North Star, to return to in times of stress, a wayfinder in the dark, offering a sense of direction.

The past weeks’ topics will contribute to your understanding of what you want and why it’s important to know that.

Week 13

Navigating changing identity in times of change

We are currently in the process of moving from what was to what will be and it’s time to “Find out who you are and do it on purpose”.

The process of finding out who we are, learning about who we want to be and developing the expression of our unique selves is something that need not ever end. If we choose to continue growing, we can keep learning, finding out more about ourselves, and “levelling up”, in good times and bad.

Week 14

New seasons and new selves

As the crisis unwinds, and we emerge from the pandemic restrictions, we have the opportunity to consider what we will add back into our lives. What do we choose?

We hear a lot about “getting back to normal”, but we will not go back to the people we were in December 2019. We will be different, and with good reason. This is not necessarily a terrible thing.

Week 15

Celebrating progress
This final meeting is a celebration of our 100 days and reflecting on what we have experienced together.

 I think our job on this planet, in general, is to save each other from ourselves. Good friends do this, as do kind, random strangers. That’s why I created 100 Days Of Purpose – to facilitate this process while physically distancing. 


When You Need More…

This isn’t therapy – nor is it a substitute for it – so if you’re in crisis, contact emergency services in your area.

For mental health support, call the appropriate service in your area.

If you’d benefit from more personalised coaching and support, either on top of the 100 Days Of Purpose or instead of, there are a limited number of openings available for one-on-one coaching clients.


Like These Lovely Humans, You’re Not Alone


“Ali is a phenomenal coach that is likely exactly what you need.

There were some days I came with an action plan and other days that I had no clue and she skillfully guided me through to learn something new about the direction I wanted to go every time.

She has a positive and inspiring outlook that still keeps you grounded. I’m so glad I took the opportunity to try this out.”

⸺Kris P., Oregon

Four orange-red butterflies sitting on blooming lavender flowers.


“I knew that I needed more direction and purpose in my life, but I wasn’t sure how to get there or even how to get started. Upon hearing that Ali would be offering coaching, I signed on as quickly as possible.

I don’t think I was prepared for how inspirational Ali would be. She excels at helping you figure out what you need, like a wizard!

After several sessions with Ali, I felt more confident and better equipped to handle personal, professional, and family issues. It is truly amazing how strong and capable she made me feel in just a couple of months!

⸺Jill C., Washington


“The 100 Days of Purpose Zoom class has been remarkable! When describing this activity to others, I’d have to mention the worldwide advantage of perspectives, experiences and knowing we are all ONE on our planet and life. The joy of sharing personal and general information each week has led us to bond in trust, faith and appreciation for our likenesses and differences. Having participants from several countries made for high interest and excellent interactions. Thank you Ali for your superb leadership, knowledge and humour and also Jillian for your ability to keep the group on track with tech support. I was proud to be part of this initial Zoom class which turned into one of my favorite and productive classes I’ve taken in three months! Congratulations on your organization, depth of materials and focused research for our personal growth.”

⸺Carol K., Washington (1st Cohort of 100 Days Of Purpose)


“Ali was the first person that helped me realize that with the correct tools and methods, remote work can be more personal than working in an office. I’ve never had a team that worked together with such a positive culture, and I give Ali credit for being responsible for so much of that. Ali was the spiritual core that held the company together – I’m not sure how else to put it. She clearly had lots of strategic planning and organizational skills and ideas, but the real magic that she brought to the team was her unflagging interest in creating a non-toxic and productive environment for us all to get good work done. Kudos.”

⸺Nick, Prospress

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